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Duty calls…so matters of the heart must be put on hold ;) — June 17, 2017

Duty calls…so matters of the heart must be put on hold ;)

If there is one guy who i can call a friend at my college, it definitely has to be Roger…

However, i feel like i may have spoken too soon….



i knew the concept of  ‘girls go for guys who are liked by other girls’ but i didn’t know that vice versa was also true.

Scenario: After two back to back labs, i packed my bags and made my way home. As i reached the stairs outside the campus. I noticed Roger speaking with ‘the one who is supposedly out of my league’. It was a rather sunny day and in my mind two scenes kept on playing over and over again…


At first i was hesitant to approach them and create a ….

'Hey buddy, two's company, three's a flock!'

But then i remembered a trick to lessen my fear and to dive right in…


Hey Roger!!!

I’m sure that the girl knew very well that this was my tactic to be a part of the conversation. Anyways, after getting some actual info from Roger about an upcoming assignment, i stuck around, in order to find the answer to the question floating around in my head…


Turns out the news of Roger’s recent trail adventures had made its way to the girl. She wanted to organize a trip to go up/down the trail with Roger and a couple of her friends. The plan was quite simple but the part that irritated me the most was the girl’s initial hesitance to divulge the plan. (if things had been awkward between us i could have understood but her behavior towards me was normal, in short all that happened in the past, she had just left it in the past)

While talking to the girl, i had an epiphany….. this was the girl was i had a ‘stirring’ for some time which could have easily developed into a crush but after i had assigned her the Scarlet number…the way i looked at her instantly changed….she didn’t seem all that attractive….

The one who in my mind looked like…


was now looking more like…


Looks like the ‘bubble’ finally broke (phew….)

Yes, so where was i… Roger was listening to me banter with the girl because he knew the whole backstory.(my fault for sharing)

The plan was being made to bunk a lecture and go walk on the trail….

The moment i heard the word ‘bunk’ i was like…


The main reason being, the teacher whose lecture they were planning to bunk was …


(seeing the pic, you can probably understand what I’m hinting at)

The teacher is knowledgeable but equally strict …


Okay, so a plan was being made between the girl, Roger and a couple of her friends on a day during a lecture that i couldn’t afford to miss….

i wasn’t too pleased with it….not one bit


But then something happened that just caused me to…


Roger managed to get hold of Angelica’s group and roped them in to join the trek party (yes, considering the number of people going i don’t think its a trip anymore). So now both the girls who i had mentioned to Roger in the past couple of days were going on this trip with him.

The thing with Roger is he is a good guy and all but he has this side to him as well….


(trusting that side of him for me is a real tall order)

I too have my dark side  (not trying to make myself look like a saint or something) but in comparison to Roger’s mine looks more along the lines of…


Roger could have helped a brother out but no… he made the situation even worse…

But Roger will not be able to make a move due to the presence of two people

57689739giphy (2)

As the saying goes” Anyone who can thwart the advancements of my potential rival, is my friend”


The weekend is upon us guys. Have a good one.

Good night


Finding motivation….(updated) — June 11, 2017

Finding motivation….(updated)

Monday to Friday goes by in a flash…

Then when the weekend hits, my system just seems to crash…..

All the late nights and stress of the week takes its toll, so after some heavy duty cooking…

& My weekly laundry….

My body just goes into hibernation mode till Sunday afternoon

Then the vicious cycle repeats itself again…

And I realise that if I can put in a bit more effort during the weekend, my week struggles might reduce drastically…but in my mind it’s like

Weekdays= Slog your ass off

Weekends= recuperate for the next week

If I were to conduct a self – evaluation, it would point to the fact that I’m not motivated enough… (Financial aspects will drive me when im working, that’s for damn sureπŸ˜…)

The changing climate doesn’t help either….

The only solution for this doldrum according to me is to employ the same strategy i used about 7 years ago in high school…

(I would have tried drowninf out my emotions by singing but I have not bren feeling the mood for that as of late…

I have three potential songs lined up but you need …….? let’s call it MOJO to really express yourself through your songs..

Am I’m missing that …

(Some will get ☝️ reference, if you do then it means you are one of the few people who watched cartoons when it was in its golden Age… nowadays its crap)

Okay so where was I …yes the secret formula to get my Mojo back…..

“If all else fails, impress with grades”

More marks = more popularity= take down some

Down a peg or two…(especially the cunning ones)

And finally impressing some people

(Yes, someone who is really way outta my league)

So this is my main goal …

I know I know …some of you will be like he’s just ….

Well not quite … My plan is a 2 step process…in order to achieve part 2 I must accomplish part 1…. That is to impress someone with a little less effort…

If I were to put it in a simpler analogy it would be like:

Beating the competition to get

Stage 1

And once when I’m in the rhythm

I’ll need to push harder ….

(I just had to put it in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

(So back to scenario.) And strive for…

The only hurdle will be heart convincing the brain to make sense of it all

Hopefully, by the next Post the plan would be implemented and working….


Well you wont know till you….

Marking their territories… — June 9, 2017

Marking their territories…

Two semesters into the program and I just realized that people have already started marking their territories….

Okay…so it’s not in the same manner… πŸ˜… but close enough….

Lemme elaborate……

Apart from the studies and work, people having started looking out for  “companionship” in order to …

Some girls have resorted​ to the old, tried and tested method…

The bonus in this scenario is the fact that the girl in this particular scenario happens to  work part-time at a pizza place…

(Well not quite, all the pizzas that she can sneak out is for one special person….)

The girl believes that food will get her message through to the guy who I hear is ..

However, I just hope it works out for the best coz the guy seems like a ..

But as you know “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” so if he ends up just playing around, I’m sure this scenario will be inevitable…

But I feel the girl can’t complain coz she just elimated her main competition using food

Her competition being….

(Yes, I kid you not, but I understand the guys point of view… Sex appeal on one side vs free pizza + a decent girl…

So that’s how girls are marking their territories….

Guys on the other hand…have taken being sneaky to a whole new level…

Guy befriends girl…. While being friends with the girl he creates an….

Making every other guy think that he is in a relationship with ‘said’ girl…
He thereby eliminates most of his competition by creating an optical illusion(that’s what  β˜οΈpic depicted, in case you were wondering πŸ˜…)

The girl wonders why no one is approaching her …. 

By that time the guy has made quite the progress clawing his way into the girl’s heart…. 

The pride of the girl prevents herself from approaching any guy she likes and her sneaky guy friend is smart enough to run interference in case he sees any guy approaching the aforementioned girl……thereby keeping said girl in his….


Then there are some guys who also follow the old, tried and tested method: 

Girls like guys who are liked by other girls…..

Guy makes his way into a group with a bunch of guys and girls….

He likes a girl from the group but he doesn’t spill the beans too early and makes the girl utter…..

(Yes, that’s something only a hopeless romantic would do)

ummm… Moving on… okay so where was I πŸ˜‡

Ya , so the guy in the group flirts around with all the girls in the group except the one who he is really interested in…. He makes the other girls go…

And then the girls do his dirty work for him……they start talking about him…so much so that ….the curiosity peaks the girl’s interest (who the guy is actually trying to get)……

 She thinks ” Well, if all these girls are interested in him, then there must be something more to him than what meets the eye”?

What she doesn’t realize is that the thing that’s more to him is ….

(Seriously though, if a guy can plan that far ahead then there is no limit to what else he can do ….)

So now that you know how girls and guys are marking their territories..lemme show you how I mark mine…..😈😈😈


Anyways that’s it for this post…

Have a good weekend guys…

P.S E3 2017 is right around the corner

Song of the day

Take care….πŸ‘‹

New faces…old names … Hellfire πŸ”₯ (in time) (Edited) — June 4, 2017

New faces…old names … Hellfire πŸ”₯ (in time) (Edited)

Yup…. 1 month into my new semester and two people from my past ….(from the sinister 6)… No.4 and 6 to be precise have resurfaced in my class…. To minimize confusion let’s call them Angelica and Samantha… Angelica the original one was someone who I met fresh out of high school and she was a lot like me down to earth …reserved…etc.. maybe that’s one of the reason why I gravitated towards her …..

But once we started College I guess the liberal Spirit inside her took wings and she turned into….

Ya the change was so drastic that I was taken aback… Then came her boyfriend, and all the party , booze and I knew then and there that it was time for me to….

And now the girl with the same name….seemed to be the same but all it took was one guy who looks like this

(And I’m not over-exagerrating)

To bring her over to the dark side

This has led to a deja vu scenario……(P.S. not all guys can pull off blonde)

Now Samantha is a totally different case…I knew Sam for a good amount of time…4 years to be precise… Although the guy who made his move was very opportunistic as described earlier….. Sam seems to be happy with him so I can’t complain… The new version of Sam that I have here is her doppleganger not only coz of the same name but also due to the same facial characteristics….. A couple of months back I judged her without looking into her in detail but now I’m trying to make a bond, friendship for starters coz after Ronald bailed on me to hang out with his cool gang….it’s time I increase my circle of trust…. 

It’s not my fault that 90% of the students are girls πŸ˜‰

In other news…as you all remember i recently tried out some spicy noodles 

One day I heard rumors about an even spicier noodles on the market…

I ended up buying a pack in the heat of the moment ……

But after giving it some thought I decided to hold off till I get my week break in July coz 8800 SHU is nothing to joke about….

I came across a rather interesting video in French on a social psychology lecture which I have saved for future reference….. 

Had a rather elaborate chat with Sarah regarding stuff going on here and back home….. By the looks of it Sarah is bound to find her Mr. Almost perfect anytime soon…The reason why I say almost perfect is coz the spot of Perfect has been forever assigned to a guy who in her eyes is like

And it will take a whole lot of effort from any contenders to take that spot in her heart but like I said earlier she’s….

So the guy shouldn’t have that hard of a time erasing “David” from her mind…..

Her friend Vicky is in a place similar to mine…… 

For some reason we feel like after finding someone​, things will be all hunky dory but my Senseis (Anna and Broseph) have foretold that a new struggle will emerge after this quest ends…….

Vicky and I had a lot of restrictions holding us back but with the help of Broseph i have managed to let go of some of my restrictions coz that would hamper my efforts in finding that special someone…if Vicky keeps holding onto her restrictions things may not turn out too well for her….but hey who knows, only time will tell what’s in store for us……

For now, I just have to say 

Have a good weekend guys and take care 😊😊😊😊

P.S. The latest Pirates of a Carribean is worth watching. (It’s definitely not as great as the first 3 movies) but it’s alright πŸ‘

“You are the best”.. (Ego : boosted) — June 2, 2017

“You are the best”.. (Ego : boosted)

Everyone has their own way of showing appreciation….

In my case, I would thank the person or commend them on a job well done.

My friend has a rather unique way of showing her appreciation….

She says “You’re ​the best”

At first I was thinking about letting her know that we don’t need these pleasantries between us..

This is because when you are in a group you put in your best coz at the end of the day your marks are on the line as well…

But before I could correct her something happened….

Let it be bro…. If you are getting some appreciation from some source…don’t go on and turn it off….there is no harm being done… In the words of one of your favorite wrestlers…. Just….

Deviluke did make some valid points…

So for now I’ll let it be…(even though to be honest it feels a bit weird)

Fitting song…. (about the internal feeling) Not the most humble song though..

Have a good day guys……

Need to fill the void ASAP!!! + Scoreboard update (long overdue post) — June 1, 2017

Need to fill the void ASAP!!! + Scoreboard update (long overdue post)

Just saw another movie on my bucket list

And it dealt with a topic real close to the ❀️….

No spoiler alert here as it’s a pretty old movie….

So batman feels alone because he is afraid of being part of a family; even when he gets the chance to be in one, he shuns them away in order to keep them safe ……(when in reality he just wants to keep himself from feeling… vulnerable)

No wonder this movie did so good in the theatres…It had a feel to it and a lot of comedy..

After watching the movie I was thinking about how hard it is to build bridges and how easily it can be destroyed……

I hope to mend one of those bridges in the coming weeks….with Anna 

Later during the day, I came across a rather interesting post on one on the social media sites 

Out of the whole picture the second last panel is what caught my eye ……

“My work here is done….”

In the picture it deptics that the guy helped out the damsel in her distress and then when the person who caused her pain “asked for forgiveness” she went away with him leaving the “nice” guy hanging….. (NICE GUYS FINISH LAST?!)

The guy shrugged it off by uttering that phrase….πŸ‘†(if only it were that easy)

However, this applies not just to budding relationships but also to friendships as well.. 

You could stick with a person through thick and thin but then when that person makes a bunch of friends, they slowly forget your importance and then at one point it leads to ” Ohh that person, he’s no one/ya he’s just a friend” 

That’s the reason why I strongly believe that friendships only last the test of time if two ppl are going through the same phase or are experiencing the same emptiness in their hearts….

I recall telling Sarah that the conversations we have will only last until we end up meeting someone and she agreed to it because once we meet someone….he/she will turn into our confidant…. And he/she may not like it if they find out that their significant other is spending time chatting with someone who is miles away…. (When you look at it from their point of view it seems justified)

Yesterday I noticed one of my classmates Ross hanging out with Isabel…. I didn’t pay much attention to it but then when she grabbed his hand and put her head on his shoulder…it struck me…. The time during last semester when Ross ditched his friends and went and sat in the back row… The time when Ross asked around about the membership fees for the gym…

So all this time he was …..

 Now if I were to substitute them in my reacher and settler theory…..

Okay okay…not mine ….The theory from How I met your mother πŸ˜…

Ross is the settler and Isabel is the reacher and I believe that in the long run it might not work out….Well let’s hope things turn out okay for them 🀞

My main problem is mainly ….

The freaking walls that I have built around my heart……

I may not have a practical experience in πŸ’” and some say that it’s an essential step in order to grow stronger something along the lines of a rite of passage…. But I’m sure that if it happens…. It will really break me and I’m one of the prevention better than cure kind of person so will make sure before letting anyone scale the wall…

On the other hand, chances are that because of the fact that my walls are built so high ppl might not even bother scaling it…and may even consider it a huge chore..

Anyways for now the score has been tied up…. 



Calgary retreat…🀘 — May 9, 2017

Calgary retreat…🀘

1 week in Calgary….. experienced a whole lot of things πŸ˜‚

Travelled Solo for the first time….


Experienced Brunch for the 1st time    (Man that was really filling πŸ˜‹)

Found a rare commodity….in its original form

Tried Sushi for the First time

I know it’s healthy and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids but I think I might need to try it a couple more times in order to incorporate the taste into my pallet.

Saw my first Marvel movie in Canada

P.S. in case anyone is planning to watch it remember there are 5 scenes in total after the movie ends out of which 1 talks about a specific character who was hinted at in Thor Dark world

Forged a friendship with

But couldn’t do the same with….

In case you guys are wondering

Got my hands on a current generation console and played a really good game

All in all it was a good trip…. Now back to the ol’ routine

1 down…. 3 more to go…