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Justice league (Spoiler free) review — November 18, 2017

Justice league (Spoiler free) review

People were particularly excited for two end of the year superhero films. Now since I’m a huge Marvel fan. I was more excited for Thor Ragnarok. Now Ragnarok was definitely a fun flick…. The ending felt a bit lukewarm for me but the after credits scene made up for it. Now with Justice league…. I wasn’t a big fan of Dawn of Justice… But since this was a bunch of superheroes joining forces I was excited as it reminded me of (May 2018 & May 2019) But the early reviews of the movie were savage to say the least…. People were pissed…. Maybe it didn’t live up to the hype that they had built up in their heads. Now I could care less for what people thought about the movie, so I ended up going for a late night screening of the movie… Now for the review….. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… It isn’t as good as Ragnarok. But Flash proves to be the Saving grace for the film as he brings with him a comedic element. There are two end credits scenes in this movie with one being a funny scene and one tying to future DC movies. Now the other elephant in the room that needs to be addressed is this picture As you can see in the wheel there is another league member hinted at… Now there were many rumors that Would be playing green lantern. Well let’s just saw there is a Green lantern cameo in the film…. You will have to see it yourself…

Now the villain To be honest he seemed almost identical to the main villain of Wonder woman Hopefully they will do a good job in the future when they introduce Darkseid.

To watch or not to watch: If you are a hardcore DC fan then I guess you will be disappointed like the majority of the populace But if you are like me who enjoys superhero movies then go for it but don’t have high expectations and make sure you stick around for the 2 end credits scenes.

Movies to look out for in December 2017 Take care guys….if you happen to see Justice league… Lemme know what you thought about it….

Isn’t beauty really overrated ?! — November 16, 2017

Isn’t beauty really overrated ?!

Recently I was watching an episode of DC legends of tomorrow titled “Helen Hunt”….

As you can imagine it dealt with another anachronism (term used in the show)

in this episode it was none other than Helen of Troy…

(Spoiler alert)

Helen of Troy came to Hollywood and trouble ensued….

Now I didn’t quite know the actual backstory of Helen of Troy

I only vaguely remember this character being portrayed in a movie that I watched when I was a child..

What I eventually understood was that:-

Helen= very beautiful

A war breaks out between two sides and Helen is the prize….

At that point in time Helen of Troy (myth) was considered as the most beautiful woman in the world….

But come to think of it Cleopatra (real) was also assigned the same title during her lifetime.

This brings us to the title of the post.

Isn’t beauty really overrated?

Ever since I was born, the following are some of the women who have been assigned the title of “most beautiful” (sometimes with a suffix of … the world)

Okay… Now I won’t take say that these women aren’t “beautiful

But I feel like giving them the title of “most beautiful is going a bit too far.

If you were to confer a title of most beautiful then it must come with a suffix of right now/at this moment in time.

Now most of you by this point will be asking this wondering….

To be frank I feel like that title is all sorts of misleading…..

To a parent his newborn daughter or son would be the most beautiful person in the world.

Beauty is a subjective term and it varies from person to person and by deeming someone “most beautiful” (generally actors and actresses) you are to an extent assigning them to a level higher than everyone else….

If the title was just for the sake of it then it wouldn’t have mattered but once someone is deemed most beautiful it causes everyone else to start emulating that individual and that leads to a lot of problems…

People who are beautiful in their own right tend to feel inadequate at times since they feel like they must always match the bar set up by the

most beautiful….

Therefore at times us guys have a hard time convincing them otherwise inspite of how hard we try….

So to end, I think this song summarizes everything.


Cake face-smash (Rant)!! — November 14, 2017

Cake face-smash (Rant)!!

Just have a look at these awesome cakes…. Then somewhere down the line, this πŸ‚πŸ’© started… And to those people who keep doing it year after year….I have just one question I don’t quite understand the logic behind this madness…. My brother once told me that if you find yourself in a scenario where you are certain that you are about to get “caked” then grab a scoop of the cake beforehand coz then at least you can eat some cake instead of just wiping it off your face… But still I don’t know why people still keep on doing the cake face-smash The only other time there is a “legitimate” smearing on the face involved is during the Festival of… After doing a quick search I found out that….. The ritual of throwing colourful powders is based on the story of Krishna and Radha. As a child Krisha was jealous of his beloved Radha’s fair complexion, which was much lighter than his own blue face. He complained to his mother Yashoda, who playfully told him to colour Radha’s face in whatever colour he liked – which he did. During Holi Hindus throw colourful powder,to celebrate Krishna, Radha and their love for each other. Maybe people used the same concept but just swapped the colour for the cake. So the reason is partially clear behind this strange custom but still I keep coming back to the question… I can imagine how this custom really came into being….. Once there was a disgusting/horrible looking cake prepared…. The guests/someone in the crowd didn’t want to eat it…. An individual thought of the cake- smash idea…. After the action occurred, people were stunned at first but then he/she played it off as a joke. The rest approved….. With that all cleared up, I would like to send a message to anybody reading this who knows me… If you cake smash me then what follows next.. will be all on you…..

Trouble in Paradise??? — November 6, 2017

Trouble in Paradise???

Recently, I was speaking to Sarah and she seemed to be stuck in the doldrums. Now for a really cheerful person to be stuck in the doldrums some major event had to take place. Now what this major event you might wonder? Yup you guessed it… The day of reckoning was at hand…πŸ˜‚ Now for those who are a bit… lemme give you a bit of a backstory…. Generally in India…the following is the general sequence of events that takes place in an individual’s life Now since most parents are looking after you till they are around and well, for them the sequence of events is a bit different…. Now you can probably guess by now that Sarah is in her Ripe for picking stage πŸ˜‚ Now some girls try to postpone judgement day by opting for studies abroad This is mainly for one of two reasons:- In order to give a shot at finding a suitable partner on their own Or to buy enough time for one last hurrah. Now we do not like being forced into marriage… Not one bit But the real culprit behind this are not just our parents. It is none other than… Yup…. Once you reach a certain age, suddenly there is only one question on everyone’s mind “When are you getting married?!!” And whenever we hear this we have the same response…. The more we delay the inevitable…. Another point against Sarah is that she is the elder sibling… Yup. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ In India, hierarchy matters The elder one needs to move out in order for the prep work to start for the farewell of the younger one…. Now Sarah has a younger sister Now Sabrina and Sarah are not that far apart when it comes to age so that puts additional stress on their parents. Sarah fell into the unrequited love zone recently so she is currently in the Phase…. Maybe conveying this πŸ’” to her parents may help her buy some time or maybe it might just speed up the process. Anyways…. But since I’m a guy who has given his parents a timeline and am the younger one, for now I have things under control But still the nagging continues

Let go of the past but not all of it. — November 4, 2017

Let go of the past but not all of it.

I know… When you read the title you were probably thinking

Well, let me elaborate

I have always believed that once you get into a relationship, you need to erase the past of your significant other from your mind and focus on your future together.

However, after observing a few series of events; I realised that theπŸ‘† statement is not foolproof

Case in point: Let’s consider

Three individuals….

Alpha (Girl)

Omega (Boy 1) Beta (Boy 2)

Now Alpha and Omega had a good and healthy relationship but after sometime they broke up and as observed in the majority of the cases the boy was blamed for the failed relationship.

Now Alpha was single and after the mourning period, she got into a relationship with Beta. Now Beta was minding his own business but when presented an opportunity to be in a relationship with Alpha. He did what any other guy would do in his shoes. He said ….

Now after a period of time, Alpha and Beta broke up and Alpha started hanging out with Omega once again..

Now, there might be many underlying reasons (or maybe its sheer bad luck) for the breakup but we can’t let the common denominator in both the relationships get away unscathed.

I ain’t trying to undermine the fact that guys at times can be…

But that doesn’t mean that Girls are innocent every single time.

When I took this stand, one of my childhood friend (who is a girl) said to me

“You had to travel halfway across the world to finally understand this πŸ˜‚”

In my defense, a person’s experience helps him perceive a situation in a way that would earlier have be deemed impossible.

So coming back to the title…..

When it comes to a new relationship, it is true that no party must use the instances of the past as ammunition in their present relationship.

But that also doesn’t necessarily mean that you can simply….

A person’s history (here, I mean their relationship track record) is a reflection of the person they are

So the next time before you get into a relationship…doing a background check and moving with caution may not necessarily be a bad thing.

This little bit of precaution can save you a lot of…

There is more to me than just being a nerd…. — November 2, 2017

There is more to me than just being a nerd….

I believe it was the year 2015, after working in a group for a presentation, I believed that Natalie and I had grown close to each other…. Although she was still just a stirring, there was a real chance that she could have been no. 7, since no. 6 had moved on from the ‘crush’ position to the ‘close friend’ position..

Now things were going smoothly but as the mid terms approached the smooth sailing ship started to hit some strong currents

Now even though we weren’t super close, I began to notice a pattern in her interactions with me

She only texted me if at the end of the conversation there was something that she needed me to do for her

And generally it was…

Yup,you guessed it… Class notes

At first, I was kind-of okay with it since I believed that At least I could be of some help to her

Yup, I was a Sucker for the Damsel in Distress stunt

But one day things just went a little too far

She messaged me saying that “Could you send me all your notes for XYZ subject”

When I read this message

I was like

I told her No, I cannot and then ignored her for a while…. (I came to know later that she pulled this same stunt with some of the other guys as well)

Guess was nothing but a


That was the day I realised that in order for people to see the side of me that wasn’t just about the books. I had to portray myself in a way that goes to show that ‘I’m no longer the same ol’ nerdy guy I used to be’

(At heart I might be a nerd but there is definitely more to me than what meets the eye)

So whenever I am contacted by one of the so called stirrings… I assign three strikes to each of them

Because at the end of the day

Idle mind= Devil’s freakin playground (Rant) — October 31, 2017

Idle mind= Devil’s freakin playground (Rant)

Prologue: A couple of years ago, I went on a trip with my mom and dad and my cousins and their parents Now since we were staying in a hostel, we couldn’t do any elaborate cooking so we ate at the most 2 times a day outside… When I initially heard this I was like But after the 3rd day Turns out that Too much of a good thing really turns your stomach (literally) Cut to present day scenario There was a plan Studies….Get back to family… Work…Reap the fruits of labour… House…. Family… So on and so forth The first four were to be accomplished within the time the Phase 3 of the MCU came to an end But you know sometimes this happens You: I’m so happy right now Life: Umm. Gimme a minute The teachers and management get into a tussle and we end up paying the price for it…. At the start, with all the project and assignments it seemed like a temporary respite but similar to the prologue incident, it became too much of a good thing and everyone (3,00,000) are afraid of what will happen??? For me staying busy is the key to preserving the sanity of my mind… If I’m busy then I do not have the luxury of being able to spare brain cells for mediocre reasons such as 1) Overthinking the reason why someone would cancel plans 2) Overthinking why someone wouldn’t acknowledge 3) Overthinking why…….. You get the point !!!! Overthinking has and always will be the bane to my existence When I Overthink, my mood goes from.. And that in turn affects everything that I do be it

cooking, studying,

singing, writing πŸ‘†etc. Well I guess for now, I can only wait and ride out the storm.