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Cooking, Buying gifts,etc. anything to subvert my mind from the M season. — November 18, 2019

Cooking, Buying gifts,etc. anything to subvert my mind from the M season.

So let’s pick up where we last left off….

Like I was saying earlier, the weather has a direct effect on my mood. So I’m guessing Mother Nature decided to throw me a bone and made it sunny and above 0 degrees Celsius ever since I published my last post.

With my spirits high (figuratively), I decided to brush up on my cooking skills,

(Top to bottom) Roasted chicken open faced sandwich, Making of a Buffalo chicken pie πŸ˜‹

(Decided to try something else than Hakka)

Tomorrows special is gonna be Butter chicken with Boondi raita and rice.

Really looking forward to it.

With Black Friday around the corner I was casually perusing through the sales and I realized that I do not need any tech as of now.

Need to get this one if it goes on a sale under 20 bucks.🀞

After a while, I came across this site which sold wallpapers on metal canvas.

Lemme tell you a story as to why this caught my eye…

There are a bunch of empty spaces in our living room, now Brosph originally had a plan to frame 3 pieces of a picture and hang it in the living room.

But when we went to the store to find out how much framing would cost, we realized that it was…πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Since, framing the picture seemed like a farfetched dream, I decided that with Xmas and Broseph’s bday being around the corner, I would get him a wallpaper, and while I’m at it get one for myself as well..😏

It took me 1/2 a day just to narrow it down to the designs that I think Broseph would like.

I would like to take a moment and give my…

To the people who do Xmas shopping for their loved ones every year, coz this πŸ’© ain’t easy.

I didn’t wanna go overboard with my purchase so 1 each was all I could afford.

Now I learnt a trick which you guys can use but I couldn’t in this case.

You: (calling your loved one) I got you your favourite gift for Xmas/bday. I’ll give you 3 chances to guess what it is.

Your loved one: (Says 3 random things)

You need a closing statment but with this trick which usually works best with kids, you get an idea of what their heart truly desires.

Now you just need to check if your wallet can match their desires πŸ˜…

Now Broseph is too smart for this trick…the age gap makes a difference. So I went with the logical route.

I was stuck between 3 categories

Gaming, negative illusions and quotes.

When I was back home in all of our Skype calls I have seen two pictures on the wall or on the side of his fridge…


So what I concluded was that he likes pictures which make you….

And horror based logos.

So after much contemplation I went with negative illusions + horror print… (will show you guys the prints in all its glory once it arrives….🀩)

When I give someone a gift I want them to experience true joy and not be met with an obligatory Thank you.

Eg. A long time ago before all the streaming services, downloading torrents was a common task and you wouldn’t get into trouble for doing so…

So Angelica had come down for a visit and she was a huge fan of…

So when she had come down to India close to her bday, I somehow managed to get her one of the newly released movie in the saga and I renamed the file as… DBZ The World’s Strongest.

This is another strategy 😎

Lower expectations before the big reveal.

So I coaxed her into watching this Dragonball Z movie with me…

But after a few seconds her face lit up and she tackled me out of affection which caught me off guard but I was happy in genuinely making someone happy.

Last year, I was only able to buy Broseph a DLC to one of his favourite games (since I had only limited funds) but this year I hope to employ the aforementioned technique and hopefully he will like his gift…

Jojo rabbit review & The Curse of the Misery Season — November 10, 2019

Jojo rabbit review & The Curse of the Misery Season

Back in India, rainy season was the time of the year when I would feel a lot more blue than usual.

Now since in Canada, we don’t have a “rainy season” per say; so I guess its gonna be the “Winter blues” for me.

A couple of weeks ago, Diwali which is the festival of light, was celebrated in India and to match that we had Halloween in Canada.

On that day, Bro was working late and I had a tiring shift, so I decided to eat something hauntingly spicy.πŸ₯΅Now a couple of days prior, I had gone on a grocery shopping spree, since I wanted to stock up on food to avoid being tempted to order from SkipTheDishes.As i was browsing through the aisles, i came across a hidden gem…

Now It wasn’t the ones that I usually pickup (Samyang brand) but it seemed like the best alternative.So i ended up making two packs along with some cut-up nuggets.Halfway through the meal, my face looked like the chicken from the cover. ☝️

Now I had the grub ready, all that was missing was some entertainment.After perusing through my library I came across…

Ever since the trailer dropped I was hooked.
Elsa: You know what I am. Say it.
Jojo: A Jew.
Elsa: Gesundheit.

I assumed it was going to be a comedy through and through. So I was a little taken aback when I witnessed a few implied deaths in the film.Similar to the ones in…

P.S If you guys are looking for some good movies to watch i would highly recommend the aforementioned ones.At it’s core Jojo Rabbit is a story about a boy who is trying to fit in, he looks at the world through a logical point of view…

Rosie (talking about love): You’ll know it when you feel it. It’s a pain.

Jojo Betzler: In my ass, I bet.

Rosie: In your tummy. Like you’re full of butterflies.

Jojo Betzler: Yuck.

But eventually he comes face to face with the harsh truths about life and makes his peace with it.

After Halloween, things started to get a bit hectic at work.

Management started to push us to strive harder to achieve excellence without giving us enough hours in return.We were doing really good, but a couple of days ago, the pressure finally started to take its effect on a few key players.

Aiden who was one of all-rounding employee decided to hang up his towel and I don’t blame him for it.At every point in life, we have different motivators or stressors that drive us.Case in point. I gave driving a shot, realized that I’m decent at it but when a particular stressor started pushing me to expedite the process of getting a license much to my chagrin, I decided to take back control, which pissed of the stressor quite a lot.

The stressor is trying to figure out how I managed to overrule his “command” little does he know that in my past couple of years living away from home i have grown a pair of…Much to my stressors chagrin….Don’t get me wrong I wanna learn how to drive and get my license. But I wanna get to it at my pace, guilt tripping me on it isn’t gonna fly anymore.Coming back to the curse of the Misery season…. its that time of the year whenSo I did what I do best to handle the issue…Threw myself into work so that I wouldn’t have a spare moment for it to get to me.Recently I have been binge watching some anime…In other news, Winter is officially here. This weekend its about to hit -25 degrees Celsius.Sarah has landed in Germany and experiencing the joys and woes of a single life away from family.

Now Sarah is similar to Angelica, making friends everywhere she goes, she already has a close friend in the university, lets call her…

Her name is Khoy but i prefer calling her…


As of late we have been having a kind off cook-off. She makes some meals at her house and and I try to match it with a meal of my own in return..

Case in point…Chicken Fried Rice

It’s only been a week or two and she is slowly getting a hang on things, I’m pretty sure after a while with the support from her friends and …

She will reach the final stage of her evolution….πŸ‘

The more I think about it, this is most of us in some way or the other.

Well thats all for now.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend.

It’s time to begin…isn’t it? — October 15, 2019

It’s time to begin…isn’t it?

So finally after a 6 month period I bid farewell to Mom and Dad…

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder but too much of close proximity can lead to unexpected frictions.

I had previously experienced this phenomenon with Angelica and Broseph whenever they could come home for a visit.

At first we would be…

But by the end we would be at each other’s throats..

Now when it came to Mom and Dad there were a couple of aspects unique to each of them.

Mom would hound me with her thoughts on my marriage as soon as i hit 27…

I told her time and time again that l do want to get married at some point but if me getting married is just to fulfill some ulterior motive that you have cooking up in your head then all i have to say is

Dad on the other hand proved to be more than a handful.

Let it be known that Dad played a vital role in helping me get to where I am today and I’m forever going to grateful for that but when he tries to live the life he wanted through me that’s when I…

Broseph and I tried our best to contain any fights and arguments and mostly nodded along to every whim of theirs since we knew that they were only visiting us for a short duration…

So in the last few days that they were around, Mom made a plethora of food for me and Broseph…. so that I could ease into the transition of going back to doing all the household chores…

After consuming 80% of the prepared food I started to modify the meals so that the meals didnt seem monotonous

☝️is Chilly chicken subs with sundried tomato pesto, cheese 2 kinds and with Extra Guacamole and Extra Chipotle Mayo…

Today, the long weekend ends and in preparation of 5 days of back to back work, i went full-on chef-mode in the kitchen…

Made 2 subs for brunch (similar to ☝️)

Made Pasta in Pizza sauce with Paneer/Havarti and Monterey Jack Cheese πŸ˜… (Seems like a bit of an overkill doesn’t it?)

(My rule for cooking is “As long as it tastes good, there is no rule you need to follow” 😎)

Since it was technically Thanksgiving i also ended up buying my traditional Thankgiving meal from the Grocery store…

P.S. The pie was on Sale πŸ˜… 3 bucks.

What else?

Im almost done with BLEACH

Not gonna lie, I was putting off watching it for the longest time when I saw that it was 350+ episodes long but I’m glad i watched it….it also gave me inspiration for my new DP

Now that October is upon us, the hiatus has ended on the CW shows…..

Apart from my regular shows I’m excited about two things, a new show and a new leak…


Will finally be able to play…

On the Anime side of things we have…

Nothing to report as such when it comes to my peers, everyone is busy with their own “baggage”

Some are waiting…anxiously πŸ˜•, some are travelling 😎,etc.etc.

Thats all for now from my end…

Life is Strange + Life updates — September 29, 2019

Life is Strange + Life updates

Work stress, Stress about getting a Class 5 license + PR worries…

P.S. If any high schoolers out there are reading this, i have got two words for ya…

Coming back to the topic at hand…Life has gone back to it’s stressful ways.

I’m trying my best to stay in control but sometimes I need some assistance to achieve that…


The only two drugs I need are…

And the occasional grub…🀣

Since there hasn’t been any new game releases as of late, I ended up playing an old game which was buried in my game library for a while…

Its a different kind of game than what I’m used to; you can rewind time and your decisions have consequences, just like in real life.

Minor spoilers….You play as a character called Max. You wake up in the middle of a storm and you watch the πŸŒ€ heading towards your town. Then in the next scene you wake up in class a couple of days before the storm would make contact.

As soon as I saw this scene, I was reminded of a similar scene which occurs in another old movie which was introduced to me by my brother.

The game is in Episodes…

I’m in the middle of episode 4 and sometimes I try to think rationally but every now and then the game throws in a curve ball which tosses my rationality out the window.

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Donnie Darko’s ending made it evidently clear and whenever I make a choice in the game I ask myself “What would I do”

I’m excited to see how the game will end..🀩

It’s starting to get chilly in Canada and as the cold sets in on certain night’s my dreams/nightmares become really vivid. Just received the 1st set of snow for winter 2020.

It’s been a while since I had a good/ exciting dream, sometimes I experience nightmares but as of late i have been having dreamless nights. (Guess body is too tired to even dream πŸ˜…)

A couple of days ago, I finished my last set of driving classes and in the words of my instructor I’m 95% ready to drive on the road but I’ll need to brush up on my driving skills regularly so that I don’t forget my lessons.

After the class ended, it felt as if a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders.

Monday is gonna be a busy day at work but after that I need to get a haircut (get some of that load off my shoulders πŸ˜‰)

In other news,

Some of my friends are back home after completing their studies abroad.

Sarah is still prepping for her studies in Germany.

Today is Angelica’s birthday.

Angelica’s Mom is planning to visit her in The Land Down Under sometime close to Xmas.

Mom and Dad will be leaving soon.

(Audio is implied…. FRIENDS fans will get it πŸ˜‰)

Getting Mom to make some chutneys and pickles so that I can enjoy the taste of Indian spices and keep myself warm during the winter season.

We did manage to hit most of the food hotspots with mom and dad.

Our latest chowdown was at…

Its been a while since I had food that was sufficiently spiced and flavourful (other than Mom’s cooking).

(We ordered the Fire spice level and I’m so glad that we did πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‹)

Although, I’m not a big seafood fan, looks like Mom and Dad absolutely loved it.

Once they leave there is gonna be a spike in posts and vocal covers…

Since most of the DC shows are returning after their hiatus in October, I started watching BLEACH..

35 episodes in out of 366 and it’s progressing well so far.

At the same time I’m also staying up to date on Dr. Stone

That’s all for now…. Hope you guys have a good weekend.

Going on an adventure with my family. — September 22, 2019

Going on an adventure with my family.

Mom and Dad’s time in Canada is coming to an end so Broseph decided that before the climate got chilly we would take a trip outside Calgary and create some memories in the process.

After a long and tiring Monday at work, as soon as I got home, Mom exclaimed “Better get a good night’s sleep coz we will be leaving at 10am tomorrow.

Now 10am might not seem like a big deal to a lot of you but on my days off I like to sleep till noon so I was like..

But the odds were stacked against me, so eventually I conceded my defeat…

Got up at the crack of dawn and had a small breakfast for a change since I was told that the next meal would be on the top of a mountain πŸ€”

The first stop on our adventure was Johnston Canyon Waterfalls

On our way to the falls, we came across a bunch of scenic stops…

Now as we left the city, we could see vast stretches of land with rolled up bales of hay.

Now Broseph had a Bluetooth speaker set up so i used this opportunity to play the perfect song for the trip…

After 2 hours of driving we finally reached the falls.

Now the falls were at the end of a 2km hike….

After hiking to the falls and back to the car, the next stop was Sulphur mountain and the Gondola ride.

By this time, our stomachs had started to rumble, so in order to satiate our hunger for the time being, we munched on some snacks that we brought along with us just in case…

After we reached Sulphur mountain, it was time for me to deal with my fear of heights πŸ˜–πŸ˜΅, the only thing that gave me strength was the fact that lunch was waiting for me on top of the mountain.πŸ˜…

P.S. I was holding onto my seats as firmly as possible throughout the ride, not like that would do me any good 😡

However, it was worth it since the view from the top of the mountain was breathtaking 😍

However, when we went to grab some grub we realized that the two restaurants on top were closed for a private event….

Now the only option was to grab some light snacks from the coffee shop.

Luckily, when we reached in front of the line they still had a few savoury items in stock…

It wasn’t much but it’s like they say “Any port in a stormπŸ˜…”

We also came across a fantastic beast while on top…πŸ˜‚

Now it was about 4pm and Broseph had made reservations for dinner at his restaurant for 6.30pm.

So after capturing a couple of images we were back down and on the road.

After reaching Broseph’s restaurant, we had a couple of minutes to spare so we decide to check out an amazing viewpoint nearby…

Now the time had finally come to get my grub on.

Now although it was a fine dining restaurant, I was able to find some dishes which would satisfy my hunger.

Chicken Wings, pomegranate mocktail, Caesar salad, Turkey Bacon club, Seared scallops, Tuna Carpaccio, Different cuts of meat (Bison, Elk, Lamb).

P.S. Elk is an acquired taste, coz for me it tasted like an old dusty meat πŸ˜–

And to finish off the meal we had bread pudding, Fleur de Cao and DIY smores…

πŸ‘† Was divine…πŸ˜‹ (Although I burned the marshmallow a bit)

The Graham cracker low-key reminded me of…

After the dinner we were almost in a food coma…

We walked around a bit after dinner since we had a 1.5 hours drive ahead of us.

We made it back home at around 11.30pm

Stomach was full, body was tired, memories were made… All in all it was a really good day.

With that being said I guess I’ll be..

Have a wonderful weekend guys.😁

Pet peeve and My biggest one right now. — August 25, 2019

Pet peeve and My biggest one right now.

If I can recall correctly, the first time I heard this term was in this F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode.

So I assumed that pet peeve was another term for fear.

Recently when I was watching Hot ones with Steve Austin, he described his biggest pet peeve as people not using their blinkers.

That’s when it hit me, pet peeve isn’t fear it’s something that bugs/annoys the hell out of you.

Recently, I have been pondering on what is my biggest pet peeve and I believe that pet peeves change over time but my biggest pet peeve at this moment would be….

Now I know that when it comes to not caring enough, it’s subjective.

I might care a lot about something and the other person might as well but may not be as passionate about it.

But when you don’t care at all that’s when it grinds my gears, especially when it is comes to work.

Kirin has been one of my biggest pain in the gluetus maximus as of late. Recently, she brought about a topic about changing the setup of a particular procedure at work. Now when she described it, I wasn’t convinced and instead of clarifying she did a particular action.

When bugs the hell out of me.

I mean
Come On!!!!.
If you wanna describe something explain it in a way the other person can understand.

If you just have this “I don’t care, you do what you want attitude.I don’t care who you are, I don’t think people will like working with you.

This is probably the main reason why inspite of the fact that both of us are in supervisory roles people seem to have a greater sense of respect towards me than her.

When it comes to her reasoning or her way with dealing with people,

Now by nature, I’m a decent person. It takes a lot to get me riled up but after dealing with Kirin, I always have to take a time out …..

So that I don’t spew all my frustrations on someone else.

Hopefully, things will get better as time passes. Don’t get me wrong I’m okay with being challenged but I not a fan of attitude especially at the workplace.

Hopefully you guys are having a better day than me.

Need to try my best to unwind and recharge this weekend.

Getting behind the wheels + No Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz for now. — August 15, 2019

Getting behind the wheels + No Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz for now.

Now that IELTS is done. The next thing on my to-do list is ….

So when we had some down time at work, I was talking to Frank and Kirin about cars and how much it would cost me to procure one…

On one hand, there was the convenience of not leaving home an hour early for a 7 minute drive to work, not having to pay 106 bucks every month for Transit, not having to carry excessive load (groceries) on my way back from work and not freezing to death waiting for the bus during rains/snowfall.

But on the flipside, it added another responsibility on my plate ie. Car insurance, car maintenance, petrol/diesel expense,etc.

Now that my Class 7 waiting period is at an end. It was time to make a couple of investments.

Driving classπŸ’Έ + Road test πŸ’Έ+ purchasing a car πŸ’Έ,etc.

But alas, I think that having a car and learning how to drive safely has its advantages which far exceed the disadvantages.

As we were talking about responsibilities, Kirin dropped the fact that when we get married,the responsibilities will skyrocket.

Now when Frank heard this he said that he would stay single till he was 30.

Kirin joked about the fact that there were a bunch of pretty girls at work and perhaps there was a chance that one of them could catch his fancy.

Now what Kirin and Frank didn’t know was that I was up-to-date on the social status of the “pretty” girls at work.

We have one person who looks like…

And another one who is a bit more like…

Now as you can assume most of the guys are going gaga over the 1st girl, trying to flirt with her throughout the day.

Now if you are a girl, you will absolutely love the attention.

But there is something that the others don’t know that I do.

She’s married and is in her 30s while the guys who are flirting with her are around early 20s

There is a name for this it’s called…

The Magic of Make-up

Don’t get me wrong she’s a sweet girl but the guys are…

There are two things you need in order for love to blossom….

Now when it comes to “Betty” I got to know that she is hitched as well during a lunch break a long time back.

When I revealed this information to Kirin and Frank, they were both dumbfounded.

During Lunch, Frank came up to me and was talking about his past relationships and the reason why he said that he wanted to be single till 30. Just for some context Frank is 20 years old.

He said that his best relationship lasted for 6 years but they ended up calling it quits when the girl moved away. The shortest relationship he had lasted 3 days.😝

Day 1. Got into a relationship

Day 2. Girl laid ground rules about not looking at another girl ever be it friends, colleagues,etc.

Frank responded with…..

(For every 1 guy friend that Frank has, he has 4 friends who are girls 😎)

Day 3. Break-up πŸ˜…

For real though, when I was a naive boy, I fancied the idea that once you are in a relationship with someone…it’s just you and your respective other till the end.

Then life gave me various examples as to why I need to abandon that notion, be it Broseph’s debacle,

friend’s “pursuit of happiness”,

childhood friend’s disregard for friendship as soon as she got a BF.

When you are in a relationship, it’s okay to be friends with the opposite sex but you need to make sure that you don’t cross that proverbial line in the sand.

When you are in a relationship, you tend to become more attractive to the opposite sex. Girls/Guys flirt with you because they ask themselves if your girl/guy bagged you there must be something more to you than what meets the eye.

So like I was saying, you can be friends with the opposite sex but if you slip up, get drunk and end up..

Then it’s all on you. But until then it’s okay provided you and your partner set up some ground rules.

The other scenario is you could cut ties with all your friends of the opposite sex and just be with your BF or GF, but if your relationship goes kaput, you will not have the support of the friends who you left hanging for your BF/GF.

Jealousy is okay because it shows that you care but it needs to be kept in check. They are with you, you do not own the other person.

(Hopefully I can recollect all these gems of wisdom, when my time comes πŸ˜…)

So back to the title, since there are no single ladies who have caught my eye yet….it’s safe to say that I haven’t found my Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz

In other news I have been binge watching an old show and it’s been great so far