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October post.πŸ˜… — October 3, 2021

October post.πŸ˜…

With winter right around the corner, errands are piling up and things at work are also picking up, so this is probably the best opportunity to….

Netflix has been putting out some good quality content lately. Recently I watched this movie…

I believe they shot this movie during the pandemic…2 actors…1 location. 🀯

To sum it up: it’s an argument and reconciliation movie. The amount of back and forth that takes place boggles the mind at first but after a while you catch up with the entire premise.

After watching this movie it got me thinking, with AI advancing more and more everyday…there is only a matter of time before Androids get integrated into society.

And although eventually this could cause some issues when they do start to adapt and evolve but in the initial phases people might be more keen on having an android partner as opposed to a human partner.

Humans often have a “Take take take never having to give anything back” type of mentality and this causes troubles with other humans but with an android it might pass at first.

Although it might seem like a blissful scenario, I wouldn’t want it to go down that way….

The coitus with an android would appeal to most humans both males and females. But if we end up going down this path, humans would turn into a superlative version of “self centered jerks”.

Lemme elaborate: Imagine you are a single individual right at this moment…

You have a set amount of values, habits, etc that have inculcated in you which you deem to be right and true.

When single individuals get into a relationship, if they aren’t too headstrong about things, they will at times have to eat the humble pie, rethink their values and mend it in order to incorporate another human being into their lives.

If you look at it πŸ‘†is a love story at its core πŸ˜†

This is one place where I give credit to society: Society keeps us in check in order to be a decent/better human being in public. Society keeps us in check from exhibiting our animalistic/raw emotions out in public.

Think about this: People who you deem to be good and honest, would they always act the same way if they weren’t being observed and if their actions didn’t have any detrimental consequences to themselves. A percentage of the population would stay the same but the others would act out because with no eyes on them and no consequences for their actions they would be free to exhibit their true nature.

A couple of weeks ago.. Rachel got in touch with me and after catching up she told me an interesting story… Her cousin had just gotten married and his wife was nagging him to start trying to have a baby, even though he had expressed a desire to wait a few years before trying.

There are two ways to think about this scenario: one is the logical way and other is the cynical way.

The logical reasoning being: Couples try to have kids ASAP after getting hitched because the clock has started ticking and the objective is to raise the child and have it become independent by the time the parents retire.

On the flip side I know people who want to have kids ASAP because they want to be a stay at home parent, raising the kids plus they feel like the kid will be the anchor that will hold the family together.

I have seen couples who grin and bear it in their relationship because they don’t want their children to go through the trauma of living in a separated family.But assigning the kids the responsibility of being an anchor before even establishing your relationship is a πŸ† move.

Recently one of my friends who would always praise her accomplishments and try to belittle others in a sly manner recently married her long time BF.

Now since the BF was not of the same religion they had a hush hush wedding and went off the radar because they didn’t want society to know about this (you know the typical log Kya kahenge)

A month later, her mother publicized that her daughter had wed Xyz guy…in a effort to just get it out there and close the chapter.

When my parents spoke about this topic… I reiterated to them that it’s the person’s true nature/ character that should be paid attention to not the religion they belong to or the amount of assets they possess.

There is no hard and fast rule that if you married a same religion person you are guaranteed a happily ever after.

That conversation led to my cousin’s upcoming nuptials… which diverted to the fact that one of my other cousins who is a doctor hasn’t found a husband yet despite being 30.

Mom’s reasoning for this predicament was hilarious: Doctors snatch up suitable mates during the course of their program so that when they finish they can get hitched. This cousin being a bit reserved and an introvert missed her window of opportunity and that’s why she’s in this predicament.

This is hilarious to me for two reasons: when we are growing up and right around when puberty comes into play…

At that point parents want us to focus on our studies alone and to disregard any thoughts of romance.

And then when they feel like the time is ripe, they want the kids to find themselves a match…

Sometimes I imagine is this how parents think the process works…

Another good point the movie πŸ‘†made was that we are all damaged/carry baggage in some form or another…. we need to acknowledge said damage/baggage, accept it, work on it if possible and move on.

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life…. Anonymous.

After finishing this new Netflix TV show…

From all the episodes the 6th one tugged on the heart strings….

I went back to slowly continue “Fruits Basket”

One of the episodes reminded me that we humans have an inherent tendency to mimic… Be it good or bad behavior.

In the show Tohru Dad’s polite behavior was mimicked by Tohru. In real life, the three musketeers mimicked their father’s demeaning behavior and they paid for during their lifetime. Mimicking is okay but self-reflection is also equally important.

Listening to someone vent with full attention, without judging and providing unsolicited advice is probably one of the best gifts you could give someone in this day and age.

We check up on people for 3 reasons:

We care about someone

We are curious about what’s happening in someone’s life.

We are trying see if their life is going but not better than ours😜

On the menu today:

And Sundried Tom

My idea for meal prep for the week πŸ˜…

That’s all for now.

Sex Education S3 thoughts…πŸŽ‰ — September 19, 2021

Sex Education S3 thoughts…πŸŽ‰

Finally finished S3… Overall it was really good.

Will we see a S4?

Perhaps but that might be the end of it because there is only so much you can stretch a story before it starts to go stale….

Let’s go through the main takeaways from this season….

Episode 1’s first scene would make Veronica blush and I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that she might just run out of the room screaming….

Sabrina might be intrigued while Sarah might be taking notes. I on the other hand was feeling a mix of all 3 emotions πŸ€―πŸ€”πŸ“

Change is a part and parcel of a relationship…your significant other will try to improve upon the aspect that they are quite passionate about…eg. Girls most likely will try to level up their boyfriend’s wardrobe (if they deem it to be lacking).

I can presume that I would try to incorporate variety/spiciness into my partner’s palette since I am passionate about food and more specifically spicy food πŸ₯΅

Change should be welcomed but not to the point that you lose your identity while doing so.

Once Sex enters the fray, the dynamics change…

The modern bad guys seek compliance not through fear but through manipulation because there has been a bad track record for people trying to assert their will through dominance.

There is this popular meme…

In almost all the interpretations of this meme, the guy is blamed for the middle scenario.

1st interpretation: Parents treat their daughters well, provide everything for them, the guys treat them like πŸ’©, after dumping their sorry ass the girl rises up like a phoenix from the ashes…

2nd interpretation: Miss independent was doing well for herself but when the man came along his insecurities and possessiveness constrained her from unleasing her full potential.

I’m not refuting anyone’s claim that there aren’t instances like these in the world but the inverse is also true.

Alternate Interpretation No. 1

Parents have multiple children, they have their favorite and they have their black sheep, parents stop caring for their black sheep because of their rebellious behavior and sometimes the kids find solace in another who has gone through the same πŸ’© as them.

If you watch this movie, you will catch my drift.

Alternate Interpretation No. 2

In this day and age where social status means the world to a large majority of people, how you present yourself takes utmost priority.

Don’t forget there was time when you could travel to a new place without posting about it on social media. πŸ˜†

Coming back to the point, people act all fancy when they are single and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it gives them happiness in doing so.

Most couples let themselves go a little bit once in a relationship because that should be one of the perks of being in a relationship not having to be on point at all time, you should be able to take it easy and be comfortable from time to time.

Fi and Samantha gained a few pounds once they got into a relationship…. People outside their relationship will judge them for it but as long they and their significant other don’t care about it, then it shouldn’t matter.

Morning breath is inevitable, looking fugly while waking up, farting when gas builds up…all of this is normal but the highlight reel filled social media condemns this.

Don’t Believe everything you see.

It’s like what the Subtle art book talked about “The world will try to hammer down on you by providing you biased evidence that you are not enough only then can they sell their πŸ’©to you. This narrative is good for business but not for your mental health.

Is there such a thing as a casual relationship? Won’t either one of the party catch feelings eventually or maybe breakup after getting a glimpse of the other person’s true self?

Reaching the big O shouldn’t necessarily be the goal of sex…if both parties can have fun while doing it and staying safe…that stills counts for something.

Maeve said it best “You have 10 fingers and 1 tongue…use your imagination.

Things are easy when you don’t care….no body gets hurt. But is that entirely true???!

Would you still wanna be with them when their usefulness runs out?

At times it may seem difficult to articulate the thoughts in your head however the process can be much simpler if you are not being observed/judged.

If you have some semblance of kindness in your heart your conscience will prick you when you do something out of character.

The heart wants what the heart wants and sometimes there won’t be any rhyme or reason to it

Trust is one commodity which is as rare as they come in this modern age.

Everyone in a relationship wants to feel heard… right?!

Apparently the ability to make conversations is also an integral aspect of a relationship.

It takes a lot of balls (metaphorically) to utter those three words and it’s hurts as if you have been kicked in those aforementioned balls if your significant other doesn’t say it back. But can you really fault them for it…some utter those three words around just to sleep around or to get something and for others they have a hard time saying it because it truly means something to them and they can’t just toss it around willy nilly.

Sometimes the question that matters is whether or not you have a connection and not if you have something in common .

I love you has a different meaning when said in different contexts…. Imagine you are in public and you are this sexy, hot, beautiful person and if someone says they love you then it means they love the persona that you have put in public…. And then when you get back home and take off all your makeup and your pretty clothes and get into bed in your natural form hearing those same words from the person next to you hits different because they love you for the person who you truly are….warts and all.

Good morning…

How was your day?…

Good night….

Sometimes consistency is worth more than a one time grand gesture.

The Subtle art of not giving a πŸ–• Review. (Get some πŸΏπŸ˜œ) — September 11, 2021

The Subtle art of not giving a πŸ–• Review. (Get some πŸΏπŸ˜œ)

When I came across this book…my first thoughts were “This looks interesting. Maybe I should give it a whirl” and it’s safe to say that I’m glad that I did.

I would highly recommend giving it a read πŸ‘.

I summarized the chapters for reference in the future.

The 1st chapter itself knocks it straight out of the park.

We all feel like we are lacking in some department or the other and perhaps it might not be that impactful but the mass media will always point that out in order to sell their πŸ’©.

Imagine you are having a bad day…you are stressing about things as per norm…

then your significant other or someone you care for approaches you, you are caught off guard as they hug you and then they whisper in your ear…..

You are enough!

Well, I don’t know about you but at least for that moment, I would experience happiness as a state of being or as my friend would say ….

Next point: Be your true self, πŸ–• Society, it only exists to judge you and give you negative criticism. If being your true self doesn’t cause harm to someone else then as the saying goes…

This sorta reminds me of a particular friends episode…

Coming back to the first picture…that last line though…

I Feel like πŸ’© but who gives a πŸ–•.

If that isn’t reverse psychology motivation, I don’t know what is…😁

But there are a bunch of pitfalls depending on how you take it and where you stop…

I Feel like πŸ’©….😒

Who gives a πŸ–•..😒

All together…. πŸ€”πŸ’ͺ

“Hector and the search of Happiness” teaches us that we owe it to ourselves to be happy.

Pain always serves a purpose….

Fate decided to serve me a big ol’ slice of humble pie before I finished high school. Although it didn’t feel good at that time, years later I believe it was for the best.

Two types of entitlement… During my childhood I fell into type 1… during my teenage years I fell into type 2… Now I am in the I don’t give a πŸ–• category. πŸ˜…

Extraordinary quote…. I believe the movie in which Zach Braff starred said it best….

And I don’t mean to sound like a defeatist but you don’t have to be good at everything always… You are human… Showcase your strengths… Acknowledge your weakness and if you choose to give a πŸ–• about it find ways to improve upon it.

Find happiness in the little things, if something extraordinary happens embrace it but don’t go seeking for the extraordinary always….I understand that the euphoric rush is addictive but it’s not real and it’s only temporary.

My imaginary feud with Angelica summarized.

Chapter 4 in particular was really insightful.

Your values and your metrics will determine how you let the things in life affect you mentally and physically.

I believe once you have grown old enough you will find it hard to change your values but there still might be hope to tweak your metrics so that the resulting end product doesn’t make you feel miserable.

That child analogy was gold πŸ‘πŸ˜

All in all… A good read. There is another one by the same author that has caught my eye hopefully it’s as good as this one…πŸ˜…

How people deal with grief πŸ˜’ — August 25, 2021

How people deal with grief πŸ˜’

Everyone processes grief in different way.

Some succumb to their emotions, others like to keep their mind occupied with other tasks just to distract themselves from the pain.

Death is a human concept but it is inevitable for now…..

Recently one of my friends lost her sister and just the other day one of my co-workers lost her grandmother.

She came into work, hoping that it would take her mind off the pain. However, things didn’t work out as planned.

A couple of hours into the shift.. our boss decided to stop by the production floor. Gave us some updates, looked at my co-worker and asked her….

I know that my boss asked the question out of concern but πŸ‘† question is akin to a linchpin in a grenade.

As soon as those words came out, my co-worker broke down, she started bawling her eyes out and I don’t blame her. As it is, she was holding on by a thread and we were walking on eggshells, trying our best to keep her mind distracted.

I lost my grandparents when I was young but since they weren’t a huge part of my life it didn’t faze me as much as it did my parents.

My co-worker lived with her grandma for a long period of time and that was directly proportional to the pain felt when she was gone.

One of my acquaintances who is also in a foreign country once criticized me for being in constant touch with my parents.

He said “your frequency of phone calls back home is astonishing. You should consider breaking away from the yolk or else when they are gone it will leave you with a void that will be painful to deal with”.

For a couple of days, I was swayed by what this acquaintance had mentioned but then it hit me.

I would rather deal with the painful void than the pain of regret. The void can be filled but the regret will eat me up from the inside.

I know for a fact that there are a handful of people whose passing will impact me greatly and no matter how much I prepare myself for it I am going to an emotional wreck at that time but I am not going to distance myself and become aloof all of a sudden just to reduce the severity of the pain that is inescapable.

When that fateful day arrives inevitably I will have to deal with it, process it in whichever way I can and move on.

Guess it’s true what the quote says….

You can only be hurt πŸ’” by the people who you truly care for. Be it when they are around or when they are gone.


Ups and downs of Life πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰ — August 11, 2021

Ups and downs of Life πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰

Short day at work —– boss schedules an unexpected meeting —- mind goes into overdrive thinking if boss is planning to chew us out.

Before things went south in the old noggin..took a quick minute and recited my recently discovered favorite affirmation.

Decided to hit the sack a bit early and of all the things I could have dreamt about, I dreamt of πŸ‘‡. To be specific “Cold” πŸ‘‡

Enough tangents, let’s get to the meat of this post….

During stressful times, some turn to alcohol, others regress to their man caves, some find solace in talking about it, etc, etc.

Long story short, when it happens to us, we try to figure out a way to disperse its impact on our day to day life because once you enter the adult phase of your life that’s pretty much all that you can do.

However, the tricky part is when you see stress impacting some else’s life…. someone who is close to you and you wish with all your heart to help them out but the problem arises as to how.

Most people choose to mask their stressful times because of two main reasons..

1) They feel like it makes them appear weak.

2) They feel like people will not be able to completely comprehend the true extent of their troubles.

I can empathize with Point no.2 but not with Point no.1

We are currently living in a world where weakness is almost seen akin to a sin. You are meant to be strong 24/7. You are meant to be a rock.

Even the Sun sets during the course of the day so how is it that it is expected of a person to be strong during tough times.

Then there is the argument that if I show my weakness, then the opposition will use it against me.

So at the end of the day what do we do… We mull it over with our consciousness and try to figure out a way to get back to normalcy.

In my case, I regress, recuperate and then return.

There is a couple who is really apprehensive right now as they plan to buy their new home and there is another individual who is dealing with the aftermath of a breakup.

Now all 3 parties (2+1) are people close to me but they have their pride so even though you can see that they are hurting they will chose to suffer in silent than talk it over.

And I can’t fault them for that because I am also like that sometimes. As the saying goes….

The reason why a certain individual held a special place in my heart a while back was because as per norm when we would meet up…she would tell me about her grievances and how her day was going and I would lend her my ears…

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to do so because from the previous interactions I sensed that doing so brought her relief.

Then one day I was having a shitty day in class, even shittier day in after class activities but I still put on the smiling face all ready to “help out a friend”

In the middle of her rant about her day, she stopped looked me in the eyes and said “Is everything alright”?

I shrugged it off by saying yes it is.

Then she said this “If you need someone to talk to, know that I am right here.”

That was the final nail that broke the dam.

Sometimes for you to be open and honest in a friendship you need an honest affirmation from the opposite side that you aren’t being a burden and that they will be there for you because you have been there for them too…

With the couple, I try my best to reduce their apprehension by talking about it and try not to act like I understand their situation completely.

With the guy dealing with the aftermath of his breakup…. His pride is comparable to that of Vegeta…..

so I am just gonna give him his space, be there for him when he needs me and hope that in due course of time, he will recover from his doldrum state.

We can’t help everybody, at some point we will need to make our peace with that…. But if an opportunity presents itself for you to be a speck of light in someone’s darkened state of mind, go for it because “what goes around comes around 😁”.

In other news…

Begins today.

And Lucifer Season 6…New trailer dropped.

No food posts today…. Don’t wanna make myself hungry at 1am 😜

That’s all for now.

Random thoughts.. August 2021. — August 8, 2021

Random thoughts.. August 2021.

Tugging on people’s heart strings in an attempt to gain clout…?!

So recently when I was scrolling through Instagram aka “Look, my life is perfect app”. I saw a post by Camela saying that her bf had cheated on her with someone in Las Vegas and that she was done with men and she had recently adopted a dog.

At the first glance, you will feel sympathy for her because she doesn’t have a lot of family to fall back on, she has some health issues, she adopted a dog and swore of all men (typical breakup signs).

Then on giving it a second thought you realize that she has a history of chasing clout, fake breakup—- diss track about it — tug on the heart strings of her subscribers on twitch basically the same pulling wool over people’s eyes tactic as employed by the likes of Jake and Logan Paul.

Guys are a sucker for the damsel in distress act…donno why.. maybe it’s encoded into our DNA perhaps but unless you have suffered a heartache by some damsel or another at some point you will most likely fall victim to it, time and time again.

Well as far as Camela’s story goes….

Check this out πŸ˜œπŸ‘†

Mystery/Deception…. or just be yourself?!!!!



Be yourself?!

I have been criticized by my peers for being too open …

Back during my teenage years, when I was living my life doing my own thing, not giving a πŸ–• about what people thought, I was told to be more open and now when I am, I am being told to dial it back a little and a bit more mysterious…

When it comes to my personality, I know that I can be all in or all out, can’t dangle around the half way mark…

Be deceptive… I could if I didn’t have this conscience who keeps pricking me whenever I try to go against the grain….

Some people can be a playa….I can only be a player..

Turbulent Advocate (INFJ-T)

A couple of days back, I decided to take the personality test on… 16 just for fun.

The test is a bit intensive but the results speak for itself.

Turbulent Advocates are likely to question themselves more and are ordinarily more sensitive to stressors.

Maturity isn’t your typical one size fits all thing.

I think it is scientifically proven that for their age, ♀️are more mature than ♂️.

That could be one of the reasons why ♀️ tend to seek out older ♂️ and ♂️ are suggested to marry ♀️who are younger than them.

However, I do not believe that the concept is as cut and dry as you think it to be.

Although the scientific claim might be true to an extent, maturity is often shaped by your experiences and hardships in life.

So unless you truly know the person from within, you can’t possibly know their maturity level just from their outward appearances.

In other news….

Orange and Green were good but the flamin hot variant 🀒

This goes to show that Flamin hot doesn’t make everything better.

Worth a try if it’s on sale.

In other other news…😜

Watched Suicide squad yesterday…

Definitely worth a watch 😘

Watchlist for the month of August…

On the menu today….

Savoury muffins πŸ˜‹

That’s all for now…. Catch y’all on the flip side.

Catching up with Angelica…πŸ˜‡ — July 26, 2021

Catching up with Angelica…πŸ˜‡

If you have been an avid reader, you have pretty much heard of the character, Angelica.

Today, after what seems like ages, Angelica decided to catch up (and I feel like I know the reason for her doing so but I’ll let it be for now) and at first I was hesitant…

Because this has happened before, we reconcile, promise to stay in touch, then I get ghosted.

Now I know that she has her own πŸ’© to take care off but sometimes when you feel a certain way, rational thinking goes out the window that’s the drawback of being an emotional creature. πŸ₯Ί

Couple of highlights from our conversation was that I need to look into meal prepping. If done right it could save me a lot of hassle during the week (but I’m not sure If I can eat the same meal 5 days in a row).😐

This time I managed to come clean with Angelica about everything that has been bugging me. I acknowledged that it was petty of me and that I know better now and I will try my best to not revert back to such a way of thinking in the future.

Angelica then gave me her side of the story and there were parallels in her story between what I and Sarah have gone through.

β€’ I need to get it through my thick skull that she’s no longer the person that she used to be and that’s not necessarily a bad thing because she has evolved from a slightly spoiled brat to a strong confident woman who still has a penchant for all things sweet…long story short she’s no longer the damsel in distress, she can take care of herself.

β€’ When I found solace in other avenues during my doldrum state, her solace came from an institution….well to each their own.

β€’ Much like how Karter has been around for Sarah much to her family’s chagrin…. Angelica found comfort in her hubby to be Abby. So she will be in good hands and the fact that she’s the devilish one amongst the two puts my mind at ease coz although she may at times act like the 😈, her β™₯️ is in the right place.

β€’ By the Time, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 makes its way into the theaters I could be an Uncle.

After I spoke to her, for a moment I started to do something that was the bane of my existence while growing up- comparing my life to someone else’s.

It’s not about the age it’s more about what chapter of your life you are in right now. I can’t compare my chapter 4 to Angelica’s chapter 24.

Lately I have been trying to get into reading books….

I Know right πŸ˜…. Me trying to read a book, unheard of. I’m trying something new.

The more I keep myself busy or engaged, the less time I spend in my mind, overthinking things and robbing myself of the joys of life.

The key to a good life is not giving a πŸ–• about more, it’s giving a πŸ–• about less, giving a πŸ–• about what is true, immediate and important.

Hopefully I can instill enough discipline to get through the book and realize what is true, immediate and important and not waste time on superficial πŸ’©.

In other news, A new wave cometh…

City rapidly opens up everything just in time to fill up their bags with Stampede income.

Stampede doesn’t turn out a lot of profit because surprise surprise, although people have been dumbed down they still have a brain in their noggin to take rational decisions.

Now in about 2-3 weeks post Stampede…you will see the news!!!

STAMPEDE caused a spike in cases, people didn’t listen to health officials. New variant detected “Omega Max”.

I’m curious to see how things turn out in the end….

β€’ Is China gonna end up being the super power and make the world bow down to their totalitarian way of life?

β€’ Every generation had a war where people fought for their freedom, is this the calm before that storm starts to brew…

β€’ Media is biased as hell, recently I saw the ruling party bash someone who’s in the opposition by playing sentimental music and bashing them with claims which may or may not be true… however, you don’t see the vice versa scenario in the media πŸ€”

And the cherry on the top is that, such messages are squuezed into the YouTube Ads portion… I don’t think it would be wrong to assume that this is a form of subliminal messaging.

Back when I was young, after watching terminator movies, I assumed that AI would be the downfall of humanity but It looks like it’s gonna be the actions of a few that will lead to the downfall of the many.

Well in any case, let’s hope that such a grim reality doesn’t come to pass….

In other other news,😜

Tried my hand at whipped lemonade….(condensed milk, water and lemon juice)

It looks good but my palate disagrees.

You can try it out and judge for yourself but I would say that when life gives you lemons…

Make Normal Lemonade (juice, sugar/salt, water) instead 😁

Gonna try to make a basic version of the following dessert this week with the leftover condensed milk…


Well that’s All for now, catch you all on the flip side.

Back to the irregularly scheduled program….πŸ˜… — July 18, 2021

Back to the irregularly scheduled program….πŸ˜…

Whew!!! Finally it’s the weekend after 2 weeks of grueling work.

Recently during one of my REM sleep cycles I was able to point out the cause for one of my core issues.

Fear, overthinking has been discussed over the past couple of years but what’s the story behind lacking the drive to take initiative?!

Is this the first time I have thought about it..

However, until now I just chalked it up to me being lazy…

Little did I know there was more to it than what I even fathomed.

So for over 21 years of my life, I was conditioned to follow orders without question, if I did question the orders of my superior I would get shouted at, reverse psychologied into thinking that I was in the wrong, etc etc.

Only after I broke out of the yolk was I able to take small decisions…however It was fuelled by necessity…

Buy food or you will starve… πŸ₯ͺ🍱, Study well or else you will fail πŸ“šπŸ§ΎπŸŽ’, Buy warm clothes or else the chill in Canada will freeze your 🍑 off πŸ˜‚

However for decisions that weren’t as urgent at the time I required some push and my superior was that voice and even Broseph at times.

So during the past few weeks while I went to run some time-sensitive errands I was strolling through the local mall and I happened to stumble onto a Dental Clinic.

I looked it up online…and the overall review looked good.

Went in, did the paperwork and got an appointment coz you never know with Delta, Delta + and now Lambda variants emerging out of the woodworks….I wouldn’t be surprised if the next version was a…

However if that happens then things will shut down and I won’t be able to use the benefits in time.

As I was filling out the paperwork you can bet your ass that the aforementioned two banes of my existence…fear and overthinking did make their guest appearances to try to dissuade me from making an appointment by making up scenarios in my head but I was able to mute their influence and went ahead and got myself an appointment.

Now in the grand scheme of things, such matters might seem insignificant but I gotta start somewhere…

I need to realize that as I grow older I will have to make some decisions and that I will not be able to control all aspects of what happens afterwards but I need to step out of my comfort zone and start acting autonomously to gain some sort of confidence so that in time such decisions will end up seeming natural to me and not some sort of a herculean task.



Angelica just finished her course and now she is gonna start her internship…at first I thought that her to be inlaws were rushing her into getting hitched but it turns out Angelica is the one pushing for it to ensure that she doesn’t get deported.

Moral: I need to start analyzing things objectively and not get suckered in to looking at situations with the family lens wherein I assign my family members the role of the innocent and anyone else the role of the deviant.

It’s just like Loki said


I believe that when you are born in this world you are born as a good individual but as you grow up your circumstances, your choices, decisions they shape you into the person who you are right now. Even if you have been conditioned to be a certain way when it’s all said and done… It all comes down to the choices that you make.

In the three lives that we live: Public, Private, Secret. You can lie in the former ones but never in the latter. You can try but as long as you have a conscience you will know what you did was right or wrong.

Can you kill your conscience… I don’t think so but I believe you can brainwash it into thinking that your actions are always good or in the right.

When I got shut down when diving deeper into this topic, I knew that I hit a nerve… When people get hurt, some cry and let it all out. However at the same time there are others who act along these lines…

You may even know some individuals who believe that tears are a sign of weakness, when you cry you relinquish power and control and that boys never cry.

There is a saying that The villain is the hero in his own story and I believe it’s true that’s the only way people who perform heinous crimes live with themselves.

When fighting monsters, one must see to it that in the process they don’t end up turning into a monster themself- Nietzsche


So it’s a beach party (imagine Beaches of Vice city from GTA )

I am at the party and it’s crowded, imagine Ganpati visarjan level of crowd but all are jumping and dancing coz there is a DJ playing music somewhere along the beach.

A crowd gathers to go out on a yacht and one shadowy figure hands me his water hoverboard and tells me “Hold on it for me, I’ll be back”.

I get a glimpse of someone in his entourage so I know who to find just in case it’s time for me to get going and this person doesn’t show up.

Now I don’t know how to swim but for some reason I’m not bothered by it and I promptly take off into the water…

The subconscious mind tries to tell me to be careful coz if I fall I would drown but I let go of my inhibitions and just start riding the waves…

At first I am traversing close to people who are swimming or paddling in the water but as time passes I start to gain confidence in my ability to maneuver the hoverboard and I decide to take off to the open waters.

At one point…away from the crowd…I start to experience a sense of calm wash over me ….

If I had to present an analogy it would the way Hritik Roshan’s character felt in Zindagi na milegi dobara after the scuba diving sequence.

After a while, the sun starts to set and I return back to the beach only to see that the crowd has grown to immeasurable levels.

It’s time for me to return home so I start looking for the person in the hoverboard guy’s entourage…

I notice at a distance there is a multi level diving platform. I figure that at that height I will be able to spot the guy easily.

I start climbing the structure and there are people on each level… As soon as I reach the top I am walking towards the edge to gain a better view…

As I walk, my consciousness switches for a moment from my body to that of a girl on the same level who starts staring at me…

I see myself….a good amount of hair both on my head and face. A decent build, etc. There is a story between this girl and myself.

Switch back to my own body. I see her watching me but although she looks a lot like Sophia and any guy would kill to be with her for some reason her gaze doesn’t faze me.

Although I am undeterred I can feel both a sense of pain as well as gratitude towards this girl because I have come to the realization that the way I am right now wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for what happened between me and this girl and then I hear the following from within …

Now it doesn’t take much to add two and two together…..

Sidebar: That just goes to show that Lust might be the initiator but the Heart decides the Longevity.

Back to the story… I spot the guy and just start climbing my way down to a safe level before jumping into the pool.

I reach the spot… I see his entourage but the people in it are my friends from back during my high school days.

One of them tells me to stick around and also points out that as soon as I arrived at the location he saw me doing something with my hands over my heart…..(Maybe I was telling my heart that All izz well??!)

Then the guy shows up…turns out he was a football jock from my high school, he takes his hoverboard, his mannerisms remind me of Kang from the Loki finale…

As he starts to get lost in the crowd he utters the following…

And poof!!!!! I wake up…

Interesting turn of events…. don’t know what was the reason for this dream sequence but it was interesting to say the least.

That’s all for now Folks 😜

P.S. last minute addition…got into The Office Tv show…it’s good…not the same comfort food level as friends but good nonetheless.

Well this will help me put my conscience at ease when it comes to Angelica.

A tasking fortnight cometh… — June 27, 2021

A tasking fortnight cometh…

Starting tomorrow up until the mid of July (so a little over a fortnight) there are gonna be a couple of hurdles that must be overcome….

Managed to get the extra curriculars out of the way this weekend so it’s gonna have to be straight hustling for the next couple of weeks.

See you in about two weeks…

Make the best decision that you can based on the information available at the moment. — June 26, 2021

Make the best decision that you can based on the information available at the moment.

This time the story is gonna be two fold…. A lil bit of work shenanigans and lil bit of personal stuff and a whole lot of tangents 😁.

Work place shenanigans….

Repeating the same routine day in and day out can get monotonous.

So sometimes when things get a little chaotic, it can seem like a breath of fresh air. (Emphasis on the little)

However, at times the chaos is not within our control and at that moment you need to improvise.

There will always be people around you who will utter the following phrase….

Case in point.

Family of 12 siblings… Most of the siblings listen to their parents ‘infinite’ wisdom and get hitched.

One sister decides to go against the grain and ends up marrying someone from another religion because she was in love with said person. (which should be one of the main reasons why you marry, shouldn’t it?)

Her actions led to her being excommunicated from the family and I am pretty sure all the family members were itching for things to get screwed up and for her to come crawling back to ‘atone for her sins’

However, fate had different plans. She didn’t end up being too rich or too broke but she had a family of her own and was genuinely happy whereas all the other siblings were a little above middle class level but their marriages were intact due to two reasons…

1) They didn’t want to put their children through the trauma of a divorce

2) They cared too much about what society thought about them rather than their own personal happiness.

After years, the siblings decided to forgive the sister and let her back into the fold (their feeble attempt to be the bigger person). The sister was glad to be back but after all these years is not the time that she needed her family but I digress because at the end of the day…..

Back to the story… Wow that was quite the tangent….

When the chaos at work started getting out of hand some of the employees response was let’s get more people and that will fix the problem.

What they fail to understand is that for some jobs you don’t just need a pair of hands, the personality and work ethics of the people controlling said hands is more important.

We were given the day off on Friday since we were pretty much set for the upcoming week but corporate decided to throw a curve ball in the meeting on Friday morning.

Now there were two options…. Get some work done to ease the load for Monday or turn a blind eye and get screwed on Monday.

The staff decided to go with option two but not me …

Mainly because, just like Mordo said ..

Plus with great power comes great responsibility…

So I made the call to finish up whatever I could do to ease the load on Monday. Our regional manager was monitoring what I was doing and agreed with my course of action so inspite of my protest she decided to call in a few employees to help me finish up the work faster.

With all of us present, the arduous task would have been completed in less than a hour or so but because it’s human tendency to ‘cry and complain’ when something is taken away from them…. The workers were miffed but I brushed it off and we completed the work and as soon as it was done, they bolted.

The past me would have had a war raging in my subconscious because of what had transpired but the present me didn’t flinch because….

1) It’s not asking too much if your work falls on the weekday.

2) They aren’t your friends they are just your work colleagues. (Limit the amount of care/concern you allocate to such people and that will limit the pain and hurt you can receive from them)

And most importantly when you are managing people and operations if things go sideways it’s your ‘Gluteus maximus’ on the line and not the people’s who you are worried about disappointing/inconveniencing.

So that was the work aspect of the title now for the personal aspect of it.


The 3 primary social media sites that I use are. Fb, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Whatsapp for communication (it’s like Skype and Sms) rolled into one.

Fb mainly for Bday list

Instagram as a log…for food, songs,etc.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but when FB was booming all of my generation hopped onto it and we kept our parents at bay….

Now after almost a decade, when our parents decided to give social media a go, we set up our parents on FB while we jumped ship to Instagram. πŸ˜‚

If someone does manage to make his or her way onto Instagram…I make it a point to restrict their accessibility.

Case in point… A bunch of my uncles and aunts have tried to hit me up on social media. But my response to all of them is…

And this tactic is not applicable exclusively to family members…. there are a few acquaintances who fall in the same category.


I believe the year was 2011

I was falling in love with vocal covers and decided to give it a whirl myself. After doing what I felt was a decent job I posted it on social media.

Now when people post things on their social media you can like it but if you don’t like it you can choose to ignore it…at the most leave a dislike but don’t leave a hateful comment.

Now back then I was fresh out of school and I cared a lot about other people’s opinion. So when a guy let’s call him Seraph decided to say something along the lines of…

Look at this talentless showoff… It hurt.

And to add fuel to the fire his friends jumped on the bandwagon and created a thread just bashing me for my attempt to sing a song.

So I made a decision then and there and blocked his Gluteus maximus on the spot.

Life is too short to entertain negative people…it’s a different thing if there is constructive criticism but straight up bashing….

Another tangentπŸ˜…….

So back to the original story…. A couple of weeks ago Sarah made a Boo-Boo.

Sarah lives in Location A, Karter in Location B so when she posted a picture from Location C, I assumed that she was with Karter or her cousin but since there was no cousin in subsequent pictures it didn’t take a lot to figure out that she and Karter were hanging out.

(Glancing over the source material)

Now the deal with Karter is unique…. He might be a decent guy now but sometimes some people tend to leave a bad taste and Karter was like one of those people back in the day.

My thoughts about him are different than those of Sarah’s immediate family members.

I can’t put a finger on my description of him but I am assuming that Sarah’s people think of him as….

However, what they fail to realize is that Sarah is no saint either….. some might even say that she might be the bigger 😈 of the two.

But that’s how it works right…. Blood runs thicker than water and all that jazz…. In Sarah’s people’s head….she is a dumb girl who has been enamored by this ☝️ person.

When it comes to this predicament I don’t know what camp I should side with because I have seen something similar happen with Broseph…

Broseph is one of those people with a silver tongue….. He can make you feel like a million bucks or like πŸ’© depending on his mood.

Broseph was with his childhood sweetheart but he/she broke it off when she was hanging out with some guy that Broseph didn’t approve off…

When Broseph moved to a different province he got a gf and also…

Not necessarily in that order 😈

So he was in a relationship, having all the fun that youth life has to offer. Sometimes his fun would lead to heartaches in the family but at that point in time his philosophy was ..

Mom didn’t like the direction that things were going in because since he was in his honeymoon phase…he just needed her and he shunned the family and always retorted
back by saying that “You guys will never understand”

When he was about to leave the country, Mom and he ended up having a fight concerning the girl and words were exchanged some of which scarred Mom for life.

After the move, Broseph tried to make long distance work but sadly it didn’t and that ‘love’ story came to an abrupt end.

If I may interject….

Each and every one of us knows what we want in our heart…

Do we desire that physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, little bit of both, beautiful face, mind boggling assets, or …


The sad thing is that you can never know what truly lies within your partner’s heart and sometimes by the time you discover it, it’s already too late.

Back to the story….so Broseph recovered by getting a new GF….( Silver tongue strikes again)…

Now how does it relate to Sarah’s story…

Sarah’s people do care for her in their own way and they ‘think’ they know what’s best for her but Sarah needs to lay it all out on the line and update her people’s database by erasing the image of what she was and uploading the data of the person who she is today.

Now Karter is another beast onto itself. He rubbed off people the wrong way and is now paying for it down the road. I know things from Sarah’s perspective but I am not sure about what truly lies in his heart.

This is who Karter was… He was a smug guy who gave off a “I am better than you peasants” vibe… That didn’t sit well with the guys so they excommunicated him.

So he sought refuge with the girls…who appreciated his brain and so they kept up with the charade and then sucked up all his tips and tricks when it came to academics and left him out to dry.

This part may make you feel a bit of a sympathy for him if you weren’t one of the people who he was an ass towards…

He had a girl who was a friend who he was pinning for….his Mom didn’t approve of her for some reason but if I had to take a stab in the dark then I would say his Mom might have thought that if she ends up with him she might make him her πŸ• and no Mom wants that for her kid.

Before Karter left the country, Sarah tried her luck but got turned down. Karter left and found a girl in the new country. At first glance I could sense a disturbance in the force but it didn’t concern me so I let it go.

Sarah was having her own share of office romances but nothing too serious because she still longed for what was denied.

I would say it is analogous to this story.

I am not sure if Karter was simping for this new girl but history repeated itself and she too left him out to dry.

The second time around it led to depression and a worried mother sought out Sarah’s assistance to make sure that Karter doesn’t go to the point of no return. Karter might have had this epiphany….

“What I was looking for was in front of me the entire time.”

This might be the reaction a few have at this point in the story.

Now comes the fork in the road…

1) Karter and Sarah story has been a tumultuous one and you could look at it in a way where you say that the two souls found each other after many ups and downs.

2) Another way to look at it would be Sarah’s was never Karter’s first choice. He sought the biryani but when he was denied he had two choice, have the pulao or starve to death…

If you have seen ☝️you will get the food reference.

I saw an old movie recently which I would like to borrow some points off of….(Is that how you use that phrase..πŸ€”)

Is Karter truly happy and reflect Owen Wilson’s character from ☝️ movie or would
he shoot his shot if a better opportunity came around and go for that Biryani.

Either one is possible…. Because people fall into two camps…

Some believe that since they went through a horrible phase in life they wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and on the flip side there are people who think that since bad stuff happened to them they desire to inflict the same bad juju onto others since misery
loves company.

That brings me to my closing statement…

Make the best decision that you can based on the information available at the moment.

Its your life….do what you feel is right for you…make sure that you don’t end up cursing others for your decision but conversely don’t end up doing something stupid if your decision doesn’t pan out because in the wake of your rash decision you will just leave a bunch of broken hearts

You might find solace in this next quote which I discovered recently….

Your mom spent nine months creating your heart, don’t let someone break it in an instant…you owe her that much at least πŸ₯Ί